Our company was established in 2004. With the rapid development of China, our company has moved through 4 times relocations, and now it has developed into two factories, actual production area of 8,000 square meters. We mainly produce the highest-end products in the current market. , The most sophisticated types of precision circuit board rework station. The factory is located in Wanyang Industrial Zone, Longjiang, Shunde, Guangdong. There are this class of manufacturing workers and first-class product supporting facilities. In this environment, our factory will introduce 20 to the world market every year. More than impressive high-quality innovative products.  SUGON / 速工(佛山诚工电子智能设备有限公司)成立于2004年,拥有一流的制造工人和先进的产品配套,两个生产面积为8000平方的创新型工厂,主要生产当前市场高端、精密的各类精密电路板返修设备。

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