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Dear users: This is the soldering station knowledge you must to know
1. Why is the soldering iron not tinned when the Tips is black?
In an environment with oxygen, the tin layer of the heating core will be oxidized and blackened if it is destroyed.
2. Can Soldering Tips touch the water ?
The answer is definitely no,The tip of the soldering iron will quickly oxidize and turn black when it touches water,Large soldering iron tip is not easily oxidized due to its large area after contact with water,But the small soldering iron tip should not be in contact with wet high temperature cotton and other liquids.
3. Do I need to add water to high-temperature cotton?
Adding water is to make the high temperature cotton swell. The soldering iron must be used in a dry state, otherwise the water in the high temperature cotton will quickly blacken and oxidize the soldering iron tip
4. Is the tip of the soldering iron easy to oxidize?
It is necessary to use the correct temperature and keep the tinned state on the soldering iron at all times
5. If the temperature is not too high and some solder joints do not melt,then how to do?
There are many kinds of soldering iron tips, each of which has its own working range. Increasing the temperature will only damage it, so you should use different temperatures according to different soldering irons.
6. How can I choose the soldering iron tip?
There are three types of most commonly used soldering iron tips: 1 pointed tip,  2 elbow tip, and  3 knife tip
Among them,the knife tip is the most commonly to used,Its soldering area is large, and it is not easy to oxidize and turn black,Pointy Tips and curved tips should be carefully protected. They are easy to break, wear and oxidize, but they are great for welding tiny solder joints.
7. What is the suitable welding temperature?
Try to control the Pointy tip at 320℃-350℃. The cutter head can be used at 350℃-400℃
8. Why are large solder joints hard to melt?、
Small precision soldering iron tip is only suitable for welding tiny solder joints,So don't do things that are not suitable
9. They all seem to be small solder joints. Why do some melt slowly?
Some small solder joints are welded with large metal parts. If you want to melt it, you must heat the parts connected to it to the melting temperature. Try to use the cutter head at this time。
10. Are there any precautions for the new soldering iron head to start working?
It is best to set the temperature around 250℃-300℃ after starting, then let the tip of the soldering iron be filled with solder, burn it for a few minutes before starting to use.
11. What are the requirements for flux?
Inferior flux is more destructive than water,It will make your soldering iron tip black and oxidize quickly
12. What should I do if the soldering iron tip is severely oxidized?
It can be restored under normal circumstances with resurrection cream,If it still doesn't work, remove the oxidized metal,Expose the copper inside the iron,
Summary:The new soldering iron tip needs to be tinned at a low temperature. Do not use it at high temperature as much as possible. Usually use the knife tip for work. Use high-quality soldering flux. Do not touch water. Use a copper brush or copper wire for cleaning. Don't lose that important layer of tin.

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