Aifen 868d machine
Air gun handle
Air gun nozzle × 4 (direct air 7# / 10# / spiral 10# / 12#)
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1. DC brushless fan and integrated air outlet are adopted, with large and soft air volume.
2. Four air nozzles (direct air 7#, 10#, spiral 10#, 12#) are equipped as standard, and direct air and cyclone can be switched flexibly.
3. Press the key to adjust the temperature and air volume accurately.
4. Convenient real-time operation, with magnetic switch control. When the handle is placed on the handle frame, it will immediately enter the sleep state.
5. The system is equipped with automatic large air volume cooling function to prolong the service life of the heat generator and protect the hot air handle.
6. Parameters can be set in sleep state.
7. Celsius / Fahrenheit (℃ / F) conversion.
8. Temperature compensation function.
868D:What can a small and low-priced air gun bring for you?
1. It can realize direct wind/spiral wind conversion, only need to replace the air gun head.
2. 868D has accurate and quick temperature calibration function.
3. Unique high-speed heating function.
4. 868D has standby heat dissipation and sleep functions, and adopts mature motors.
Inner box size:28.5*20*18.5CM
Inner box weight:*kg
Carton size:**CM
Carton weight:**KG
Air volume range:20~100
temperature range:100℃-500℃ / 212°F-932°F
Gas flow:L/min



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