A9 pro

A9pro welding table host
210 handle
Domestic 210 heating core
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1. Precision integrated soldering station, compatible with T115/T210/T245, 3 types of soldering iron handles, ready to use.
2. The T245 handle has unique 4 sets of standby temperature (0, 150, 180, 200) settings to ensure that the T245 handle can be lifted and used immediately.
3, software program control, instant hang up.
4. 3 groups of preset memory temperature, short press for one second to read, long press for three seconds to store.
5, Celsius/Fahrenheit (°C/F) conversion, temperature compensation function, key lock/on, buzzer on/off
6. The soldering iron plug-in box can easily plug and unplug the heating core, and the replacement can be completed quickly without other auxiliary tools.
7. Soldering iron frame protective cover is effective for safety protection.

Inner box size:24*21*17.7CM
Inner box weight:*Kg
Carton size:**CM
Carton weight:*KG
Temperature range:100~450℃ / 212~842℉


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