2020d machine
Air gun handle
Handle frame
Air gun nozzle × 5 (5 # / 7 # / 10 # / 7 # screw / 10 # screw)
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1. The patented air nozzle bracket can quickly replace the air gun nozzle under the condition of constant temperature and air volume without other auxiliary tools.
2. The air flow is adjustable, the air volume is strong and the air outlet is soft, the temperature adjustment is convenient, and can adapt to a variety of purposes.
3. The handle has an inductive switch. As long as you hold the handle, the system will enter the working state. When the handle is put back into the handle rack, the system will enter the standby mode, and the operation is simple and convenient.
4. Three memory buttons, select the most suitable temperature and air volume for you. It is then stored in the memory system by pressing the Save button.
5. The original imported brushless fan has long service life and low noise.
6 handle uses new stainless steel pipe, the air outlet is the same as 8610 series, the air nozzle is universal and easy to replace. It is equipped with five air nozzles: No.5, No.7, No.10 straight air nozzle and No.7, No.10 spiral air nozzle. There is no longer the difference and boundary between straight air and spiral air, just need to replace different air nozzles.

1. Breakthrough design, no longer distinguish the types and function restrictions of air guns, only need to use different air gun nozzles to immediately realize the required spiral air/direct air function.
2. Real-time display of set temperature, actual temperature and air volume.
3. Digital control.
4. Adopt long-life motor with bearing.
5. Pure copper transformer power supply.
6. Three-segment memory storage function.
7. Snap-in air gun nozzle.
Inner box size:30.5*28*23.5
Inner box weight:3.4kg
Carton size:58*32*72CM
Carton weight:21.5KG
Air volume range:20~100

temperature range:100~500


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