8610 machine
Handle bracket
ground wire
Air gun nozzle × 4 (5 # / 7 # / 10 # / 7 # screw)
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1. It is equipped with aluminum bracket and four nozzles: No.5, No.7, No.10 + one No.7 spiral nozzle. There is no longer the difference and boundary between straight wind and spiral wind, just need to replace different nozzles.
2. with temperature conversion / buzzer switch / temperature calibration / automatic sleep function.
3. four memory buttons, one second read, three seconds store.
4. Code switch knob to precisely adjust temperature and air volume.
5. Large air volume, high power, rapid heating, accurate and stable.

1. Perfect coordination under different temperatures and air volumes.
2. Spiral wind/straight wind can be switched at any time.
3. Digital control.
4. The four-segment memory and storage functions meet the needs of daily work.
5. Pure copper transformer, high-speed heating.
6. Embedded air nozzle.
Inner box size:39.5*35*23.5
Inner box weight:4.8kg
Carton size:70*41*48CM
Carton weight:22KG
Air volume range:1~120
temperature range:100~500
Gas flow:91L/min



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