1503ds machine
power cord
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1. voltage 0-15v (adjustable) voltage 0-3A (adjustable).
2. Full power, high stability and reliable quality.
3. It has the function of voltage test.
4. It can detect GSM mobile signal.
5. Current mode is available.
6. It has a 5V USB intelligent interface.
7. Exclusive dual ammeter design, a and Ma meter can switch freely, watch the large current and small leakage current more clearly.

1. Small size but precise output and high-quality design. Even if the positive and negative poles are used incorrectly, there will be no large peak output, which reduces the loss caused by mistakes in work.
2. The pointer ammeter can display small changes in current.
3. Pure copper transformer.
Inner box size:16 x 15 x 21cm
Inner box weight:2.3kg
Carton size:56 x 49 x 44
Carton weight:26KG


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