3005d machine
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1. Voltage adjustment: turn the "V" knob to adjust the voltage output, press the "V" knob, and the corresponding indicator light for voltage adjustment will flash.
2. Current adjustment: turn the "a" knob to adjust the current output, press the "a" knob, and the corresponding prompt lamp for adjusting the borrowed current will flash.
3. Four memory buttons, one second to read, three seconds to store, at the same time can store voltage, current, continuous over-current / word over-current / protection settings.
4. The voltage and current are stable and reliable, and there is no peak output. In the constant current and constant voltage mode, the current and voltage will not be touched when they are received.
5. The ring transformer can work at high temperature without affecting the service life of the power supply.
6. Over current protection setting, more stable protection of the machine.

1. Powerful foot power 30V 5A design.
2. The huge pure copper transformer guarantees stable output.
3. Pure digital control current display accurate to 0.01A.
4. Digital potentiometer control supports press adjustment.
5.4 storage and memory buttons.
6. It can realize continuous short circuit protection or single short circuit protection.
7. Constant voltage mode can achieve continuous output, (short-circuit protection closed state) can make the defective or damaged components heat or burn, so as to find the fault point, (need to cooperate with the specific use technology).
8. Smart fan cooling.
Inner box size:30*18.5*24cm
Inner box weight:5kg
Carton size:39*33*55cm
Carton weight:21KG



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