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1. Sensor closed circuit, microcomputer zero trigger temperature control, powerful power, rapid heating, accurate and stable temperature, not affected by the air volume.
2. The air flow is adjustable, the air volume is strong and the air outlet is soft, the temperature adjustment is convenient, and can adapt to a variety of purposes.
3. Put back the handle rack, the system will enter the standby mode, real-time operation is convenient, save power.
4. The handle is equipped with an inductive switch. As long as you hold the handle, the system can quickly enter the working mode.
5. The system is equipped with automatic cold air function, which can extend the life of the heater and protect the hot air gun.
6. The fuselage is small, durable, beautiful and saves working space.
7. The original imported brushless fan has long service life and low noise.
8. Using high-quality heater, the efficiency can be doubled under the same power, which can effectively extend the working life of the heater and save power.
Inner box size:*2*
Inner box weight:~kg
Carton size:~**CM
Carton weight:~KG
Air volume range:~~
temperature range:~~
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