T3602 welding bench host
115 handle
210 handle
Hub ×2
Power line grounding wire
Professional silicone pad
Soldering iron head repair powder
S-191 thermometer
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1. Precision integrated welding table with extremely sharp soldering iron head is suitable for professional nano welding under microscope.

2. With dual channels, two soldering irons can be used simultaneously or separately for different maintenance operations (a handle 115 heating core, B handle 210 heating core).
3. There are two storage channels for a and B welding platforms respectively, and the temperature of each channel can be stored and memorized respectively.
4. With temperature conversion / buzzer switch / temperature calibration / on hook sleep / key locking function.
5. The real-time operation is convenient. If the handle is placed on the handle frame, it will immediately enter sleep.
6. Efficient temperature control.
7. Ergonomic 210 handle and 210 heating core.
8. The ergonomic 115 handle and 115 heating core are used.
9. Equipped with professional silicone pad.
10. Equipped with special calibration thermometer.
11. Three level cleaning of heating core, sponge, copper wire and copper brush to ensure rapid and effective cleaning.

1. Nano-level welding tip + micro-level welding tip, easy to handle tiny solder joints and ordinary small
2. According tothe user's different temperature output at any time, Sugong brand products never use switching power supply for power supply, but use stable and powerful traditional transformers. Solder joints under the microscope, two handles work completely independently.
3. Unique and powerful heating element short-circuit protection. function, even if you use the cheapest heating element, it can protect. the host from being easily damaged.
4. Instant heating function.
5. Instant temperature compensation.

6. High quality, cost-effective.

Inner box size:35 x 29 x 29CM
Inner box weight:4.75Kg
Carton size:59.5 x 35.5 x 59.5CM
Carton weight:20.4KG
Temperature range:100~450℃ / 212~842°F


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