T1602 welding bench
T12 handle ×2
T12 heating core ×3
power cord
ground wire
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1. Completely independent double station.
2. The classic cheap and mature T12 heating core is adopted, and the new design can realize instantaneous temperature rise, which can be used when picked up.
3. Innovate software control, hang up and immediately go to sleep.
4. Four sleep standby temperatures can be selected to realize lift and use.
5. Two sets of preset memory temperature for each dual channel.
6. C / F conversion, temperature calibration, temperature locking, buzzer switch.
7. It has its own heating core / host overload protection, and the heating core will not burn the host in case of short circuit.
8. The soldering iron handle is equipped with a breathing lamp to follow the power used to display the working state.
1、The new design brings new work efficiency. t16 can also heat up instantly, just pick it up and use it.
2、Cheap and good quality heating element, only a small expenditure each year, (this is very important).
3、Hang up and hibernate immediately.
4、The user can set the sleep temperature.
5、Small solder joints can be welded.
6、The two handles work completely independently, can use different welding heads.
7、According tothe user's different temperature output at any time, Sugong brand products never use switching power supply for power supply, but use stable and powerful traditional transformers. Solder joints under the microscope, two handles work completely independently.
Inner box size:31.5 x 28 x 20CM
Inner box weight:4kg
Carton size:59.5 x 35.5 x 59.5CM
Carton weight:25.75KG
Temperature range:0~450
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